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Homescapes MOD APK experience is another delightful, fun and relaxing adventure as you join Austin the Butler from on a visit to his hometown. Here, you can help Austin renovate the old family mansion as you play through the exciting gameplay. Bring it back to its original state so you can enjoy the exciting match-three gameplay.

Explore dozens of awesome gaming experiences that would make you feel right at home in your manor, by adding dozens of cool decorations and customizations. Check out our reviews of this amazing title to learn more.

Homescapes MOD APK

Homescapes MOD APK

During the game, our beloved Austin has a dream in which he finds himself back in his childhood on a trip. It was one of his happiest moments in life that he would never forget no matter what happened. In terms of gameplay, players will be provided access to an array of interesting activities that allow them to enjoy more than just a casual game.

 Play this game to find out more about Austin’s quest to restore childhood memories of the house and meet interesting people. You can decorate the house however you like, transform its interior design, or discover the interesting secrets that have been hidden for years inside the manor. This game offers casual and relaxing gameplay that will surely please you.

Features of Homescapes MOD APK

The following are some of the most amazing features the game has to offer

Help Austin renovate his house by performing various tasks

You’ll be able to join Austin on an exciting journey in his childhood manor and around the neighborhood as he begins his exciting journey on Androids. Play multiple games while taking on multiple challenges in the game and renovating the house. Take on more missions and tasks as you discover more about the house. As soon as you start playing, you’re able to explore the entire neighborhood, which has many interesting features.

Feel free to modify the interior as you wish

If you’re interested in designing your own home, Homescapes MOD APK will introduce you to a simple but addictive in-game environment where you have the freedom to choose your own style. You can customize your house a lot and unlock more elements as you go, while using the available customizations. Transform your old house into an elegant manor by adding different styles and objects from various cultures.

Play this game with its intuitive match-three gameplay

The game features not only simple missions but also match-three challenges that will keep you on your toes. As you dive into the endless levels of a match three game, you’ll find tons of fun and unique gameplay. Play simple yet addictive levels that get harder as you progress. As you connect the gems, you can see stunning visual effects.

Uncover all the hidden secrets behind a seemingly ordinary mansion

It may appear to be an ordinary mansion from the outside, but there are currently many secrets that it holds. In fact, what seems normal in others’ eyes might seem a little weird to your skeptical and clinical thinking. In that case, why not spend some time in the manor looking for hidden secrets that have lain untouched for so long? Connect to your childhood memories and enjoy heartwarming moments at the same time.

A cast of interesting characters awaits you in the game

During your stay in Austin’s hometown, you will have the opportunity to meet some of Austin’s friendly neighbors.

The game provides a great deal of diversity, which adds a lot of interest to the game because each character has their own unique characteristics and personality.

You’ll enjoy every moment of the game, watching them live their own lives, interact with one another, and discover interesting storylines as you play. It will definitely bring you back to the classic and enjoyable gameplay that you loved as a child.

Adopt a cute pet

Additionally, you can also interact with interesting animals who live nearby. You might even get a pet if you help stray animals during certain missions. You can turn your newly renovated manor into a much cozier place by bringing these cute animals home. Having the cute animals following you around will add to the fun.

Play online with friends and other players

You can also play the game online with your friends as well as with gamers all over the world. Get to know these people and visit their manors, all with unique and interesting designs. Each time you perform certain household duties, you can help your partner. This can lead to stronger friendships with others while also earning you valuable stars.

Earn special rewards for completing multiple challenges and objectives

Additionally, the game offers a number of achievements and objectives that you can complete to earn rewards. When you have the time, take part in the interesting gameplay and you will never be disappointed by the special rewards you will receive.

Participate in diverse events and experience unique gameplay

In addition, homescapes gamers will have the chance to explore a variety of exciting in-game events. You’ll be able to play in unique settings and themes based on the occasion. Aside from these events, you will also have access to more and more interesting gameplay.

Play for free

Although it has so many amazing features, Android gamers can still download Homescapes on their mobile devices for free. The only thing you have to do is download the game from the Google Play Store. Installation will occur automatically, and you can then allow the game to download.

Get unlimited stars with our Homescapes MOD APK

Due to the game’s freemium status, you will be required to pay money to make in-app purchases and also face annoying ads.

If you find these features annoying, you might prefer downloading our modified version instead.

However, you’ll surely enjoy its many interesting features, such as removed advertisements, unlimited stars, and fully-unlocked gameplay. To use our Homescapes Mod APK, download and install it.

Video and audio quality


Homescapes is one of those rare games that will make you say “aww” at first sight due to its beautiful and cheerful art. As you guide Austin in his quests, you will become utterly immersed in the stunning world of Homescapes. Furthermore, once you get the hang of the match-three gameplay, you will enjoy the responsive visual effects.


Enjoy the realistic and beautiful sound effects while diving into beautiful worlds in Homescapes. You’ll realize you’re living in Homescapes if you close your eyes.


There is another great mobile title for fans of Fallout Shelter MOD APK and eFootball PES MOD APK. The rich and interactive gameplay in Homescapes will keep you entertained. The modified version of the game will be even more fun for you.




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